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Choosing your Wardrobe

Choosing your wardrobe for a boudoir photo session

Choosing your wardrobe

When you know you look wonderful, Your natural radiance will show on camera

When deciding on a wardrobe for your photo session, the most important thing is to choose clothing that makes you feel fabulous. If you have a physical attribute that you love, select an outfit that highlights it. Similarly if you feel self-conscious about a part of your body, it’s best to choose clothing that camouflages that area. Remember, the way you feel about yourself will come through in the photos, so the key is to wear something that gives you confidence; when you know you look wonderful, your natural radiance will show on camera.

Some clients choose to be nude in their boudoir photos. If that appeals to you, we will create beautiful, tasteful images using no wardrobe at all. If you prefer to be clothed, however, your options are limited only by your imagination. Vintage-themed photos, popular with many of our clients, transform you into a bombshell from the golden era of a Hollywood, a World War II-era pin-up girl, or a goddess from a Renaissance painting. A more natural look can be wonderful, too. Images for magazines, film or art works can be your inspiration.

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Where wardrobe is concerned, there is one final thing to consider: accessories. Jewelry, gloves, glasses, faux furs- all of them can help you create a fun, unique style that expresses the real you. Your accessories can be openly sexy, like a pair of fishnet stockings, or they can be items that relate to your personal interests or hobbies. In our hands, they’ll become props that accentuate your sensuality while communicating volumes about who you are and how you see yourself.

Flatter your assets

Of course, lingerie is popular for boudoir photographs. Corsets and bustiers can give you shape and support in a way that will flatter your assets. A fabulous bra and panty set keeps things simple and puts the focus on you. If you do choose to go with lingerie, keep in mind that fit matters. You’ll want to choose clothing that shows off your curves instead of cutting into them.  Babydoll lingerie is a softer choice that provides more coverage and is a bit more forgiving than some other options.

Don’t forget shoes!

When you’re selecting what to wear for your photo shoot, don’t forget the shoes! Sexy footwear-from stiletto heels to a great pair of tall boots-will help create the image you’re after. It’s a good idea to bring more than one pair of shoes to try out different looks on camera. Going barefoot is a good option, too, especially for a more free and natural appearance.

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