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Lush & Lace Boudoir Photography - Kitchener Ontario premiere boudoir and glamour photography capturing the mood of confidence, beauty, intimacy, seduction and tasteful provocativeness.
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Interview with Miss Laura V


Makeup and hair provided by the Lush and Lace Team, featuring Makeup by Rachel Jones

Why did you do a boudoir session?

As I was coming up on another birthday I became appreciative of both time passed and of the future. I wanted to do something to hold a piece of the present for my older self to look back on, so I chose to do a boudoir session to capture femininity and strength.

2) Why did you choose Lush and Lace Photography?

Lush and Lace Photography was recommended to me by a friend who has beautiful photos done by Julie Sawatzky.

3) Who are your photos for?

The photos are purely for myself. My future self will thank me!

4) How was the whole experience?

From the moment I walked into the studio I felt comfortable and confident that I was in good hands. I had so much fun and could not wait to see the outcome!

5) How do you feel about your photos?

To be able to see myself through Julie’s lens is changing. The pictures are beautiiful. She capture’s a feminine side that you cannot see for yourself.

6) Why should other women do a shoot for themselves?

Every woman should have a chance to express themselves, for themselves, as the beautiful and unique individual that they are.

7) Why did you decide to do a boudoir photo session?

(Question #1)

8) How did you prepare for your shoot?

Prior to my shoot I carefully picked clothing that was flattering, comfortable, and representative of my character. I didn’t want to feel like I was in a “costume”, I wanted to be myself.

9) Did you have your hair & makeup done?

My hair and makeup was taken care of by Lush and Lace’s pro styling team. In a matter of seconds they were able to read me as a client and the look was flawless.

10) What are 3 things you feel differently about now that you have had a session with Lush and Lace?

After a session with Lush and Lace you feel more feminine, more confident, and of course beautiful!

Julie Sawatzky

Owner and Principal Photographer

As the owner of Lush and Lace, my heart and passion is in the details. From creating the perfect setup for a whimsical bridal boudoir, to designing a fine art heirloom album. I love making everyday women feel like they have been modeling their entire life. I will always create a fun and laid back experience and provide you with stunning images that reveal the goddess you always have been.

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