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Sexy Male Boudoir with Mr. B

Can I just say how excited I am to share these!!!

I have always been a fan of the moodier editing and lighting for male sessions.

This location was insane!!!! It had a study that just screamed male boudoir to me!

We spent the afternoon shooting in the most amazing space, and the lighting was simply perfect!

Brad did a wonderful job with his session, and to think he was a little bit nervous. *wink*

I am a huge fan of male boudoir sessions for so many of the same reasons I promote them to my lady clients, but here are a few more reasons you should book one today!

Men are not immune to the pressures we all experience, in fact in  a GQ study, 75% of men surveyed said that compared to 10 years ago, men today are under more pressure to care about their appearance. That means that now more than ever it is important to break down those walls,  and really experience a session for yourself.

1) Great way to celebrate YOU, and to be just a bit selfish!

2) These sessions boost self esteem.

3) Improve your sex life.

4) Experience something fun and out of the box.

5) Give this as a gift to someone special.

6) Have an amazing piece of art, that will last for years and years to come.

7) Honor the temple!

8) Celebrate weight loss, or fitness success.

9) Because our studio is SO much fun, and why wouldn’t you want to hang out for an afternoon?

10) A great excuse to go shopping 😉

We would LOVE to hear from you!!!!

Sexy Male boud

Julie Sawatzky

Owner and Principal Photographer

As the owner of Lush and Lace, my heart and passion is in the details. From creating the perfect setup for a whimsical bridal boudoir, to designing a fine art heirloom album. I love making everyday women feel like they have been modeling their entire life. I will always create a fun and laid back experience and provide you with stunning images that reveal the goddess you always have been.

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